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I'm Alexis Tapia.

MBA, Latina, Singer, YouTuber,

Organizer, Creator, Overachiever,

Fiancee and loving life in San Diego.

Welcome to my website, where you can learn so much about what I do, who I am, and what I can do for you.

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Marble Surface

A B O U T 

I'm a creative innovator, tech savvy, belt out singer, passionate designer, organizing-planning freak, minimalist, Harry Potter obsessed, and a proud Mexican-American.

I am many things, pero soy yo

It's been a little over a year since I graduated with my MBA and I know that dream job is out there.

From undergrad to now, my projects aspire to inspire.

I have a background in singing which I now pursue through YouTube.

Photography is more of a hobby but that correlates well with my other interests.

I'm Entrepreneurial in which my artistic and creative side allow me to design for T-shirts and more!

I hope to help, inspire, motivate, and encourage others with my experiences.


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San Diego, CA

Tel: 619 414 9671

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